Time to Study the Names and Attributes of Allah

Learning the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah have been the blessing of writing the “Mommy, Who Is Allah?”, series. I never cease to be amazed by the detailed totality of Our Lord. He being The One worthy of all worship. He has all of the most noble attributes. Perfectly balanced, divine, Omnipotent and Sublime. He is The Merciful and The Just. He is The Forgiver and The Avenger. He is The First and The Last. He is The Giver of Life and The Taker of Life. He is The Expeditor and The Delayer. He is The Bestower of Honor and The Humiliator. He is The Originator and The Inheritor of all that exists. There is an awesome balance recognized throughout the study of our Lord and His Attributes. One could only hope to learn more about their Master and King upon whom we serve and to whom we worship.

I started out this study in hopes of enhancing my own relationship with Allah. Which morphed into a conversation that I would have loved to have had with my children if I had been more aware and educated on the subject. Unfortunately, during my early years of being a new Muslim and a new mother I was more focused on learning topics in Islam that were really above my level of knowledge. I, do wish that there was some kind of manual written for New Muslims or even Adult Muslims who are wanting to learn more about their Deen in a more systematic structure with books according to their reading level. Many times we have to resort to Islamic Studies books that are written for school children. Yet, as adults we are learning the religion in a more hap-hazard and random setting. None the less, Aqeedah is necessary component of our religion. Focusing on the first pillar of Imaan, learning Tawhid and the Names an Attributes of Allah is an essential part of learning about The One we worship, long for and love with all our hearts. This Love is ultimately cultivated through this section of Islamic learning.

Moreover, once we begin learning the Names and Attributes of Allah we can begin calling on Him in our du’ah, according to which one of His Attributes we may be needing. He is The Forgiver, The Sustainer, The Provider, The Protector, The One Who Mends our hearts and relationships. He is our Wali, The Guardian over all affairs. And, as you know the list goes on.

I’ll be the first to admit the life of this world busies us to a point that on some days we’re lucky to get a few minutes with The Holy Quran. Much less, time to focus and reflect upon other aspects in our Deen, of which there are so many. But after careful consideration, I personally found a inherent need to develop my relationship with Allah. And, Subhanah Allah when you love someone you want to learn more about The One you love and The One that loves you. The One, who is worthy of all our gratitude and appreciation. The One who has created this earth and all that is in it and given us life. The One who we long to see in Paradise and live with for eternity. BithmAllah wa Ta’laa.



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