Once Upon a Time…

There once was a young girl who dreamed of growing up and becoming a beautiful elegant woman. And so she did, but for some reason she wasn’t happy. She knew beautiful things made her happy so she searched. No matter how many beautiful things she collected she was still not happy. Then through travel and meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures she made a startling discovery. That beauty was an internal matter of the heart and did not generate from external material objects and worldly possessions. She had to learn what would make the heart beautiful. She was already trained in social interactions, manners, and etiquette. She was cultured in the arts, music, and literature but something was still missing in her life. Who to turn to for the proper instructions on how to become truly beautiful? It dawned on her one day, while she was sitting on a beach in the Cayman Islands watching the most beautiful sunset she had ever seen that God was the Creator of all beauty.

She fell in love with faith, with The One who created man and the beautiful world in which we live in and she came to know. Allah loves beautiful people and those who strive to do good in all their interactions and actions. That beautiful hearts see the beauty in others and in all things. That one could even find the benefits, if one looks hard enough from people or situations that were considered to be bad, a silver lining. Allah’s purpose and reasons were to draw people closer to him through tests and trials. Allah is The Light of the heavens and the earth. Does not the heart incline towards light and beauty? Does not the human being long to conduct himself and his affairs in the most beautiful manner? She then sought to enlighten her soul with knowledge of The Almighty so that she may learn the traits of The One with most beautiful attributes. She, then read the Holy books and looked at the examples of the messengers and of them, she found one.

One man who lived 1400 years ago. He exampled, and instructed others on how to live by Allah’s commands and how to purify and beautify one’s heart and character. The Prophet Mohammad ( peace and blessings be upon him) taught me the true meaning of being a beautiful responsible soul. He taught us the beauty of love and kindness, and the responsibility of justice.

Life is a continued learning experience that requires application of proper actions in order to have a beautiful life. And much like that little girl who sought to please others so they would think how smart and lovely she was, the only one she seeks approval from now is Allah. His love is the greatest and he makes all people (upon their choice) beautiful, kind and good.

So, today, I choose Allah and all His beautiful attributes to adorn me and protect me from the evil and ugliness in this world. I choose Him to purify my heart and my thoughts that I might only see the beauty in others. I am so grateful to Allah for His guidance and forgiveness, for His gift of Islam and for the beautiful people who share the message with others through the good manners for the sake of Allah. I’m so grateful to be on the path of “becoming” a Beautiful Muslimah. BithmAllah!



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