“Mommy, Who Is Allah?” Books!

“Mommy, Who Is Allah?’, was created with the desire to inspire the love of Allah in the hearts of our children. In order for us to love another we must get to know them. As per our Iman the best way to build our relationship with Allah is to get to know him through His Beautiful Names and Attributes. This is not such an easy task for our youngsters as Allah’s Names are usually a memorized list, most often in Arabic, and sometimes quite abstract.  Leaving them without a real understanding of exactly WHO Allah is and His monumental importance in our lives. The “Mommy, Who Is Allah?” series is an attempt to introduce children to Allah with six individual stories focusing on individual and or similar Attributes of Allah.

The methodology outlined for this task was based on the fundamentals of our Aqeedah. Beginning with the first pillar of Iman, Belief in Allah. This pillar is then divided into two parts. One being the fundamental understanding by all human beings that Allah is The Creator of the heavens and the earth.  As Allah says in the Quran: If you were to ask them: “Who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon?” They will surely reply: “Allah.”How then are they deviating ? Surah Al-Ankabut: 61. The second part focuses on the other Attributes of Allah beginning with understanding of Tawheed, The Oneness of Allah. Following through with His other Attributes as they appear in The Holy Quran. My hope is to simplify an already standing methodology and yet make sure to introduce Attributes of Allah that young children can understand, immulate, relate to, and receive comfort in knowing. Thus Ive decided on the following sequence in this 6 book series.

  1. Book 1: Al-Khaliq
  2. Book 2: Al-Ahad, Allah, as-Samad
  3. Book 3: Al-Rahman, Al Raheem
  4. Book 4: Al-Malik
  5. Book 5: Al-Razaq
  6. Book 6: Al-Hafiz



From an academic perspective:

The first book is intended to be introduced to small children as early as three years of age. Moreover, it is geared towards not only audio and visual learners but uses kinetic teaching tools to hold the attention of pre-schooled aged children. The book also compliments a pre-school curriculum by touching upon professionals that would be considered to be “community helpers.” Adding extra discussion and activities to it’s pages helps to keep children engaged.

The second book in the series is dedicated to the understanding of Allah through His Attributes of Oneness; as Al-Ahad, Allah As-Samad. Tawheed being the very core belief in a Muslim’s life.  This book is intended for children 4-5 years and older and is a story that is designed to get children excited about learning exactly “who” is Allah. It also seeks to show children that Allah loves them and is available to them at all times, encouraging them to begin their personal conversation with Allah directly. In Sha Allah wa-Ta’laa.

The third through sixth books are still under construction and will be revealed and summarized as they make their way to the editor’s desk. By Allah’s permission.

Finally, it is my desire to compliment the “Mommy, Who is Allah?” series with a children’s book that addresses each of the other five pillars of Iman, Belief in The Angels. The Books, The Messengers, The Day of Judgement, and The Qadr of Allah. BithmAllah Wa Ta’laa.

About The Author:

Susan Jones is a Muslim American wife, mother, teacher, home-schooler, writer, poet, and international cook. She was born in New Orleans, La. and raised in Houston, Tx. Susan reverted to Islam in the summer of 1999, when she was 29 years old. Afterwards, she moved to Dubai with her husband and daughter. She attended Islamic Hadith and Fiqh classes at Discover Islam with Dr. Bilal Philips. Susan, went on to open an Islamic bookstore and library in Sharjah, with consultation from Dr. Philips and in accordance with Al Qaf Dawah and Islamic Affairs in Dubai. Al Shamilah Books offered Islamic books in English from a wide range of scholars and publishers.
Growing up in the “The Bible Belt,” and in a conservative Presbyterian church, Susan was greatly affected by the teachings of the Prophets and inclined towards learning “scripture.” Therefore she has an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and has studied Ancient Hebrew and Palestinian Aramaic. She enjoys writing comparative religion essays that point out similarities between text in the Torah, Gospel, and The Holy Quran. Susan also writes poetry and is now trying her pen in the genre of Islamic children’s stories.

Susan is a certified ESL/ TEFL teacher and has also taught English in the Middle East for over 15 years. She has taught both privately and at language centers for all ages and levels including IELTS/and TOEFL examination testing preparation. She home-schooled her oldest child for eight years and finds her greatest joy in being a wife and mother.